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Marketing trends to watch during 2021

2020 was a crazy year for everyone, impacting almost every industry in how we work and live our daily lives. How we use media platforms has been heavily impacted by the lockdown so we suspect that the marketing trends for 2021 will look a lot different than ever before. Let’s break down the top predicted marketing trends for this year.

Going live with video and webinars:

With many live events out of play last year and possibly this year as well, video and webinar content has become extremely important in the marketing world. Live video or webinars of various events is a quick way to educate your audience and communicate with them if you can’t do so in person. Audiences like to get information quickly and that’s where video marketing can be a very useful tool for this.

Personalised marketing:

More people are working remotely now than ever before which puts an emphasis on finding new ways to stay connected. While always important, personalised marketing is important now as it will replace that face-to-face value. Staying connected virtually through email and video will be key to a more personalised approach to marketing.

A focus on SEO:

Search Engine Optimisationn (SEO) has been an important tool in marketing for some time and it is only going to keep getting more powerful to use. SEO is a critical tool to understand for content creators. Knowing how to utilise key search terms in your industry and apply it to your website and your blogs can help increase traffic to your site. To do this requires a bit of time researching and developing an SEO strategy to get the most out of your site and online content.

Repurposing content:

You might be wondering why this is on the list however it isn’t about reposting old content it is about focusing on sharing your high-quality content across multiple platforms. When you put time, money and a lot of effort into creating quality content you want to use it everywhere you can for it to help raise your brand awareness. Not only this but figuring out how to share clips from private webinars, podcasts, conferences or meetings is a great way to share content.

Now is a good time to start planning your content marketing strategy for the year and we recommend keeping these trends in mind. The goal is to create high-quality content that does more for your business and most importantly, delivers value for your audience. If you need any help with your marketing plan for 2021 contact us today, we would love to help you get the most out of your marketing.


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