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Gecko Marketing provides outsourced marketing services to New Zealand companies focusing on small to medium businesses. Operating as the company's marketing department, Gecko utilises both local and national suppliers and the Gecko resources to create strategic marketing plans, brand strategy, and the implementation of the marketing plan with a range of different marketing strategies and tactics.


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A skilled strategic marketing professional with over seventeen years of experience developing

marketing strategies for many market-leading businesses. Influencing brand development,

marketing planning, customer loyalty and positioning.

Tim Rosenbrook

Marketing Director
027 283 2055

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Myra Jain

Marketing Coordinator


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Caleb Oliver

Marketing Coordinator


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I have over 10 years of marketing experience in various corporate environments across New Zealand and the UK, with a strong focus on digital marketing and direct marketing. My whole career has grown alongside the rise of digital marketing, I've been involved with the theories, technologies and tactics of digital marketing as they've developed, and I understand how to apply them to get results. 

Josh Hussey

Digital Marketing Consultant 

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A senior strategic marketer with over 30 years experience. Mike has developed successful strategy, brand strategy development and highly effective go to market plans for many local and international brands. Starting his career with Coca-Cola has worked for Caltex,  and Foodstuffs.

Mike Kotlyar

Senior Associate 

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