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Marketing Ideas for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and it is one of the biggest commercial opportunities for certain businesses when it comes to marketing. Not every Valentine’s Day marketing idea works for every business, however, it is a great opportunity to spread the love with your customers. In this blog we will break down a few actionable Valentine’s Day marketing strategies.

1. Run a Valentine’s Day Sale/ Deal

There’s one way to bring your services to the forefront of the competition: Running a sales campaign or a discount to your customers. Even if your product/service doesn’t align with Valentines Day, you can still use Valentine’s Day as an excuse for product promotion. While offering a compelling discount is key to a successful sales campaign, what’s more, important is how, when, and where you promote your products or service. One of the best ways to achieve that is by a promotional email, a popup on your website and some social media posts.

2) Themed content

Get creative and write some fun blog posts that link your business with Valentine’s Day – for example this post we are writing. Create some nice social media posts, video content or blogs that tap into the emotion that Valentines Day creates. You could offer a free downloaded card or Valentines ecard. If your brand can’t leverage sales through Valentines, why not make the most out of your content instead!

3) Show customers some extra love through your loyalty program.

Thank your loyal customers for the love they’ve shown you and return the favor with exclusive offers for loyal clients. Here are some ideas:

- Offer double points for purchases before Valentine’s Day.

- Give a free Valentine’s Day-themed gift with purchase.

- Product or service discounts

By spreading the love to your loyal customer, they will feel appreciated and valued, which is how most people want to feel on Valentine’s Day.

4) Urge customers to spread the love with referrals.

Your loyal customers are your best marketing tool, leverage that power for your Valentine’s Day marketing. Give consumers the gift of extra referral points, products, bonuses, or discounts for sharing offers with friends and family. This helps you and it also helps them. Referrals are a great way to do business and using Valentine’s Day to spread the love with referrals is a great marketing tool for businesses whose service doesn’t fit with Valentines day.

5) Redefine Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t for every brand (or person for that matter). Yet, you can still take advantage of this special day by redefining it for your brand. Depending on the nature of your products and your value proposition, you can use the day to your advantage and make it work for your brand.

Holidays and special events throughout the year are a great excuse to add something extra to your marketing. This list doesn’t only relate to Valentine’s Day use it to create ideas for other upcoming holidays such as Easter! Not every holiday will suite your brands product or service, but you can get creative and see how you can leverage your marketing. Need help to get creative with your marketing? Contact our team today and we can help set up a marketing plan that works for your business.


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