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How To Keep Your Marketing Consistent In Level 1

Many small businesses will be worried about meeting lead generation targets after several months in Lockdown. How can your business make meaningful, profitable connections at level 1? Here are Gecko Marketing’s top 5 tips to help keep your marketing consistent.

1) Consistent message and communication

Many of your competitors will be taking the foot off the pedal when it comes to their marketing. Consistently communicating your marketing messages can give you an advantage and will let potential new customers know what you are all about and how your services can help them. Having a strong brand voice as well as a consistent online presence helps to keep your brand in the forefront of your client’s minds. Communicate with your audience every chance you get by posting relevant content and business updates via social media. Track what content your audience is enjoying and use this to shape the content you post.

2) Thought leadership content

As mentioned, communicating with your audience during this time is important however what is most important is what you are communicating to them about. Establishing your company as a source of expertise in your field will help you become a ‘go to’ company for customers. Generate content that is meaningful and helpful with resources and tips. YouTube videos and blogs are a great way to communicate information on a topic within your field. Another great way to do this is by sharing articles and links to external resources that your audience might also benefit from. Think about technical content that can make a difference to your customers right now. Check out LinkedIn's marketing solutions blog for more ideas on what content to share.

3) Take care of existing customers

As people adjust to the new global situation, they will engage with brands that they trust. Looking after your existing clients helps you establish yourself as a trustworthy brand.

How can you help your existing customers during this time? Now is a good time to focus on existing clients and enhancing your services to the clients that have stuck by your side. Ask yourself how your services can help and what actions can you take to stay consistent with your brand values. Use this time to strengthen the relationship you have with existing consumers by determining what actions you can take that will have the greatest impact on those customers. For example, additional products or enhancing a service you already offer could help existing clients and encourage more sales.

4) Re-develop/Review your brand guidelines

Having a brand style and guideline helps ensure that all your company’s messaging, and communication is consistent. However your brand guidelines may need to be changed to match the current environment. For example, now is not a time to upsell but to nurture and care for your audience. Use this time to review your brand guidelines or develop one if you do not have one already. Brand guidelines exist to ensure that all applications of your brand remain consistent. Creating an instantly recognisable identity aligned with your brand’s mission, values and practice is key during these times.

Reinforce a consistent brand identity across all of your channels. Inconsistent branding can impact your company reputation. A consistent brand can create a loyal following. An example is having consistency in your brand colours as brand recognition can lead to higher brand awareness.

Brand guidelines are also important as they offer a guide to other employees on how to communicate using the company voice. Your guidelines should function as a manual for anyone who advertises or communicates on your company’s behalf.

5) Provide staff with branding resources

It is important that all your staff are made aware of the company’s marketing guidelines so you can maintain consistency especially if things are created for external use. All staff should have access to branding resources, whether it is social media graphics or an important document. This will keep your branding consistent and avoid confusing your customers.

Branding resources that staff need access to includes:

- Fonts

- Graphics

- Company colours

- logo variations

Staying consistent with your marketing and continuing to communicate with your customers is key as we start to get back into normal life at level 1. If you would like more advice on your marketing plan please contact us we will be happy to help.


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