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Tips for Marketing in a Disruptive Month

Marketing during a month, such as April, with several holidays, can be a challenge for businesses. The reason is that due to the number of public holidays and school holidays, competition for your customers attention can be high within the marketplace. However, even in the most chaotic periods, organisations can overcome these challenges and succeed with targeted strategies. The following blog discusses tips on how to successfully implement a marketing strategy for your business during a disruptive month.

Plan content in advance

Planning your campaigns in advance can help to ensure that your marketing efforts are successful and reach your target audience. To increase the chance of reaching your customers, think about the messaging, promotions, and platforms you will utilise. By planning your campaigns in advance, you can ensure that you have the resources and materials necessary to successfully implement your marketing strategy. By doing this, you can prevent last minute errors and ensure a successful marketing campaign.

Encouraging flexible options

Customers may have certain distractions during a disruptive month, which can make it challenging for them to interact with your business. You can provide ways for your clients to interact with your business by encouraging flexible services. This could be free delivery, longer grace periods for returning or exchanging products or increased flexibility with opening hours for bookings during this period. As a business owner, you may look into alternative methods of product or service delivery in addition to providing more flexible offerings.

Produce relevant content

In a month filled with many holidays and disruptions, it's critical to produce relevant content. Posting multiple direct sales posts to your consumers at a busy time may lead to customers feeling spammed and will be less likely to purchase or book a service. Follow relevant marketing trends, and implement the trends within your marketing communications or social media content. By doing so, you will maintain your audience's attention and showcase that you are up to date with what is relevant and provide customers with the right content at the right time.

To successfully market to your target audience during a month with many public holidays and disruptions, it is key to plan, create relevant content that delivers value, offer flexible services, and ensure that you leverage your social media to connect with your audience. Contact the Gecko team if you have any questions or would like some guidance to help implement the marketing strategies and communications for your business.


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