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What is Social Media Optimisation

Are you a business that wants to grow your online social media presence and increase brand awareness? Social media optimisation (SMO) uses social media platforms to generate and grow a strong online presence, generate brand awareness, and help to enhance a business’s content to generate successful results. It is important to prioritise SMO due to the growing demand for social media presence and the rapidly increasing rates of daily users, with 68% of consumers agreeing that social media enables them to interact with brands and companies.

SEO Insight Tools

The majority of social media platforms have built-in analytics and insight tools within the platforms, however, there are several social media insight tools and software that provide a wider scope and more in-depth insight into your social media overall performance.

Here are a few useful SEO insight tools:

· Hootsuite

· HubSpot


· Google Analytics

· Sprout Social

How to know if your Social Media is being Optimised

To understand how your social media is performing and if it is being optimised to its fullest potential, the above SEO insight tools and software are great tools however, by looking at these following insights, you will be able to gain an insight into how your social media is performing and if you should implement a new strategy or prioritise current strategies.

· Audience Growth Rate

· Conversion Rates

· Bounce Rate

· Brand Awareness and Recognition

· Click through Rates

· Engagement Rates

How to Optimise your Social Media

Create a Content Plan

Before implementing your social media marketing strategies, creating a social media plan can be helpful. A social media content plan is a useful tool where you plan what you are posting to what channels on what days for the next month. You could create a monthly plan, a weekly plan, or a three-month plan, whatever works best for your business to optimise your social media content.

Optimise your profile

You are prioritising your digital marketing strategy by creating social media profiles for your business. With a stronger online presence, your business will gain increased brand awareness and engagement and attract viewers to possible customers or clients. An optimized social media profile contains a well-written and well-designed profile that portrays your business and what product or service you provide to viewers.

Know your audience

By already knowing your target audience and segment, you will be able to identify what social media platforms your target audience will be using. Social media is utilised to help reach your target audience and to convert viewers into customers or clients. It can be useful to focus on a few social media platforms rather than all social platforms in the digital market space and to create quality content to further optimise your social media strategy.

Optimise through using multiple social media platforms

By using several social media platforms for your business, you can repurpose content for those different platforms. It can be extremely helpful and efficient to repurpose your business's original content to other platforms, such as a blog post being shared suitably on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is important to use social media and online platforms simultaneously so you are able to encourage your audience to follow on all platforms by creating a call to action (CTA) on one platform to follow on another social media platform. This will allow your business to create a stronger brand image and increase brand awareness within the digital space.


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