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Benefits of continuous marketing development

Vince Warnock is hosting a Marketing Strategy Summit. This is a free virtual event where you will hear from the brightest minds in marketing and sales to give you solution-focused insights. You will have access to everything you need to develop a marketing strategy that is tailored just for you and your business. Be inspired and empowered to grow and scale your business - If you’re interested you can book your free tickets here.

We’re often surrounded by voices disparaging marketing training; however, our effectiveness and professional standing depends on a grounding in knowledge. Marketing isn’t a onetime activity; it needs to be constant in your brand to succeed. It’s not a set and forget type of job, you need to constantly renew your marketing to stay relevant. Training in marketing makes marketers better. In today’s world it is not possible to stand still when it comes to your marketing, in order to succeed we all need to adopt continuous marketing improvements.

With Vince Warnock’s strategy summit and a recent article by Mark Ritson called: ‘We must fight the philistines on the value of marketing training’ we thought it would be a good time to discuss the benefits of continuous growth in marketing development.

1) Improvement in marketing is good for business

"For those marketers who desire to be better, you should read books and you should open your mind to research and other points of view." – Mark Ritson. In Mark’s article he shares his views around the importance of training for marketers. Read the full article here.

Improving your marketing is great for your audience as well as your business, it can enable you to better serve your audience’s needs. For example, you could combine user behaviour data with your customer email marketing database which could improve the marketing messages that you send out. In return you may see an increase in the response rate to your marketing campaigns and see a reduction in email unsubscribes as your content will adjust to what your audience wishes to see. This allows you to become better at anticipating your audience’s needs.

If you focus on constantly evolving your marketing, then you will begin to add value and better connect to your audience so you can build a stronger relationship with them.

Plan, research and improve

Strategic planning: Anyone who teaches marketing with tell you the importance of strategy and how without strategy, tactics can fall flat. A defined marketing strategy is essential to marketing success. Strategy planning may bring up questions such as:

· What are the reasons we want to launch this campaign and what do we want to achieve?

· Who are we targeting?

· How will this campaign help them solve their problems?

Feedback: Collecting feedback at the end of any marketing campaign is essential for you to build into your marketing initiatives in order to measure your strategy.

Constantly improving your marketing allows you to keep up with the needs of your audience. In today’s world technology changes rapidly – using constant feedback and iteration helps you to stay on top of those changes to deliver value to your audience. If you want to join the free virtual event where you will hear from the brightest minds in marketing don’t forget to register here. If you want help with improving your own marketing strategies so your business is constantly improving feel free to contact us today!


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