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Top channels for social media marketing in 2022

The pandemic has affected marketing significantly in the last few years. Unsurprisingly Tik Tok became one of the most downloadable apps in 2021. Are you keeping up with social media trends? Let’s find out!

What social media platforms are consumers prioritising?

Facebook remains the top social media network in 2022, according to Hootsuite. Facebook is a well-used platform that can produce quality leads for business marketing. Other popular platforms include Tik Tok. Several reasons can explain this. The primary reason is that Tik Tok is a platform offering short videos, becoming the most popular content format.

Why should you prioritise your digital marketing?

Today, Internet users spend almost three hours a day on the internet for communication, entertainment, research, and information. It is essential to have a digital marketing strategy to reach your target audience at the right time and place with the right message.

Your business needs online visibility for the following reasons:

  • Users will find your site independently.

  • Having an outstanding online presence can improve your brand's reputation or how your business is perceived in the marketplace.

  • It is also essential to have a credible brand reputation to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Digital visibility can improve customer service, develop your brand, help you connect with your target audience, and enhance user experience.

It is a no-brainer to be consistent with your digital marketing.

How to find the correct platforms for your business:

Although Facebook is a popular platform, it does not mean you should switch your marketing plan and focus exclusively on it. This is because your audience might not be on Facebook. Ask yourself – where is our target audience?

When it comes to social media marketing, one size does not fit all. One way to find out which platform gets your business the most interactions is to post on multiple platforms using the correct keywords. Consider these other factors when determining where to direct your social marketing efforts:

  • Where your audience engages with you the most

  • The type of content you want to create

  • The channel with the best conversion rate

To get a sense of where your audience ‘hangs out’ online, you can check the demographics on each social media platform.

We can help!

We can help you create and manage content while focusing on running your business. You can focus on what you do best by outsourcing your content marketing to us. Our strategic content marketing package might help you grow your brand if you are a small to medium-sized business in New Zealand. Contact Gecko Marketing to get started today!


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