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Christmas Communications Checklist

Holidays are a great time to communicate with your clients! During the busiest time of the year, keeping up your brand awareness can be challenging, but there are marketing tools that can assist you. Plan all your social media posts and blog posts for December ahead of time. In December, there will be a lot of marketing and content from other businesses; however, people also have more free time to read blogs and shop online, so your content won't go unnoticed!

Continue reading for our tips on where to focus your marketing efforts over the busy holiday season. Don't forget to download our FREE checklist below.

Communicate your holiday working hours

Communicating to clients about your holiday working hours early is essential. Clients or customers need to know if you are closing during the holidays, just in case they urgently need your business beforehand. Communicating your holiday hours can be done in a social post, in a newsletter or added to the contact section on your website.

Plan your key messages

Now's a great time to consider what messages you should include in your content during the holiday season to keep it relevant to customers. Plan and write your content now so you can relax during your break knowing you've covered all your communications.

Get your business Christmas gifts sorted early.

Do you give your clients, customer, or business partners gifts over the holidays? If you do, we always think adding a branding element to the gift is nice to remind people that your company is thankful for their business throughout the year.

Offer holiday promotions or loyalty rewards

The holidays are the perfect time to give back to your customers by offering them a discount or promotion before Christmas. You could run a competition online or give your top 5 customers a 20% discount code for the holiday season. It's an excellent way to say thank you while raising your brand awareness. To stand out from all the other businesses doing the same, we recommend getting creative with this!

Holiday newsletters

Regardless of whether your company regularly contacts your database throughout the year, it's nice to send an update and thank you email during December. Some of your customers might not have social media, so it's essential to communicate your closing dates and any promotions mentioned above.

Holiday themed blog

Lots of businesses ramp up their marketing efforts over the holidays, and we think it's a great idea to do so. Having a themed holiday blog that relates to your business can help you rank higher on Google during the time of the year when people use Google the most! For example, this blog. Find a way to tie your businesses into the holiday season to help with your SEO results.

Decorate your shop

If you're the type of business with a physical store, why not get into the festive spirit by decorating it for the holidays?

Deck out your website

Your digital space is just as important as your store location (If you have one). If you have a website, make sure to decorate your digital shopfront as well – whether that's by adding a mistletoe-inspired banner to your homepage or changing your colour scheme to incorporate more Christmas-friendly hues.

If you need help with your marketing over the Christmas period, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Tim from Gecko Marketing; his team is there to help!

Download our Christmas Communications Checklist below


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